Oops! I'm probably on Omegle...

I am going to need a whole new wall to put my drawings up on soon. The other walls in my bedroom are nearly completely covered

I wanted to draw fanart for this Let’s Play when it started way back in 2013, but then I lost track of it. And as if to remind me, Part 3 came out yesterday. 


stop the alphabet at t cuz i dont want none of u






I’m posting this gif almost entirely because of this mans untuck…

dbz landing.

for a while i thought this was just reversed, but then i realised that you can’t reverse the landing.. WHAT THE FUCK. How you do that son?!

i can barely get out of bed without tripping
and then there’s this asshole

This is some graceful, superhero shit right here. 
  • Me: Wow, I'm home alone.
  • Me: *In the shower* I WISH THAT I HAD JESSIE'S GIRL
  • Me: *Into a hairbrush* NO YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO CUT ME OFF
  • Me: *Running around the house* TONI-I-I-I-I-IGHT WE ARE YOUNG
  • Me: *Upside down, balancing herself on the couch* IM FEELIN' SEXY AND FREEE
  • Me: *Making microwave popcorn* BABY YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE
  • Family: *comes home*
  • Me: *Locks herself in room and goes on Tumblr*

I just saw a blonde guy in shades walk out with a man in a baseball hat.this stores lures in striders or makes u into a strider.



Having trouble breaking up with someone???
1. Lean in for a kiss
2. Stop before your lips touch theirs
3. Say “Oh ________, if only there was someone who loved you”
4. Walk away and let them die



"Maybe She’s Born With It. Maybe It’s Maybelline" I think it is Maybelline because nobody’s born with lipstick on.


If there was a ghost in my house i’d probably never notice it like i’d close a door and when i come back its strangely opened again and i’d just like “fuck i thought i closed it im so fucking stupid”

Hi! I'm Charlie, I'm 18, just turned that way on Christmas this year. I'm an FTM and I identify as Pansexual. I mostly post about my fandoms (about 75% of the time) but the other 25% is about the LGBTQ community or the tumblr community in general. If you want purely my mushy stuff or my personal transition I have a blog for that.